Get the Most Out of Your Grass-Fed Beef With Tips From the Pros

Grass-fed beef makes a delicious meal. Whether you’re cooking a steak or putting a round in the slow cooker, you can come up with delicious meal options. Some people new to cooking grass-fed beef might not realize there are different cooking techniques to consider. Since grass-fed beef is different from conventionally-raised beef, there are some [...]

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Make the Holidays Sparkle with Beef Recipes

Beef isn’t always a traditional holiday dish, which is all the more reason to switch things up this holiday season. Whether you’re going to a holiday dinner party, attending a work potluck, or getting ready to host Christmas dinner, we’ve got some great suggestions for you, all easy to do with fresh, grass-fed beef from [...]

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Are You Tenderizing Your Grass-Fed Beef the Right Way?

Grass-fed beef is delicious and nutritious, but these steaks may require a little more preparation than conventional beef. Since grass-fed cows are raised completely in pasture, they get a lot more exercise than cows living in feedlots. This results in a much healthier cow and final product, but all this walking and exercise also develops [...]

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Spice Up Your July Fourth Burgers

As the July 4th holiday quickly approaches, you may be planning your cookout and menu items. By incorporating grass-fed beef into your backyard barbecue, your grilling is sure to be a standout. This recipe brings together the delicious flavors and health benefits of grass-fed beef with a taste worthy of an Independence Day celebration. For [...]

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How to Get the Best Bone Broth

Bone broth — it’s flavorful and a great addition to many recipes. Did you know you can skip the grocery store and make your own? If you’re purchasing grass-fed beef from your local rancher, like Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, you’ll likely have some bone-in cuts or soup bones that will make the perfect bone broth [...]

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