Corporate Retreats

If you are looking for a place for a corporate retreat, consider escaping to the backwoods of Central Florida.

Leave behind the noise and distractions. Gain focus. Here, amidst the tranquility of Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, you can slow down, get in touch with your inner thoughts and feelings, and embrace inspiration.

As you bask in the solitude, you can reflect, and collaborate with co-workers and business associates. You can bond, reconnect, and build solid business relationships that propel you toward success.


Take a break from normal workdays filled with stress and anxiety. Relax and regroup. Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch is a place where you can recharge in a spacious, private space with the comforts of home.

There is room to break out in small groups for brainstorming, then re-gather together to compare notes, discuss plans and give assignments. There is an opportunity to enjoy nature unobtrusively, in an intimate setting.

After your business sessions, enjoy recreational activities arranged specifically for your group. Talk to us about agritours of the property, where you’ll learn about Florida wildlife and the cattle industry. Or ride our swamp buggy. Hike through the flatlands and experience Florida the way the Indians did. Enjoy camaraderie at our fishing ponds. We also offer skeet shooting and horseback riding.

Spend the day or stay overnight. We have a five-room lodge, a guesthouse we affectionately call the outhouse, and a ranch residence that can accommodate up to 22 people. We also have an outdoor picnic area seating 40; an outdoor tent with electric power can accommodate larger groups.

The oak hammock at our ranch has been a safe haven for weary travelers for 200 years. Make it the destination of your next corporate retreat.