Photography by Olivia Fryer. 

You want your wedding day to be memorable.


It can be when you marry beneath the tall, majestic granddaddy oaks at our spacious Central Florida ranch. The oaks with giant limbs, spread wide like welcoming arms, are just part of the charm of the rustic ranch where you’ll feel truly at home.

Treasure lifelong memories captured here through photographs, taken against the backdrop of a breathtaking sunset on the flatlands — or the sunlight flickering through oak leaves and pine needles. Treat your guests to a unique getaway, where they can enjoy the profound peace and unspoiled beauty that is natural Florida.

The scenery is gorgeous; it awaits you. Just add the custom touches you want to make this wedding setting truly your own. Decorate this outdoor oak hammock to match your theme. Then enjoy. We can easily accommodate 225 guests under the hammock beside the lodge.

After your ceremony, celebrate your nuptials under a tent with full electric power and comfortable seating. Use electric lights and cooking facilities, so your food is served at just the right temperature. The decor is casual and elegant, the perfect match for those oaks decked in Spanish Moss.

Create a truly memorable wedding at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, where you’ll enjoy Southern charm and hospitality. Bring the crowd. We’ll do our best to make your dreams come true.