Families often migrate all across the country. Reconnecting can require special effort.

There’s nothing like a family reunion to bring everyone together again, giving you an opportunity to relive precious moments and rekindle the bonds of love.

One way to do that is by sharing your love of the outdoors in a unique setting away from the distractions of modern living. At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, you can explore the Florida backwoods, take a swamp buggy ride, and enjoy a barbecue under a gorgeous oak hammock. Or break away to fish in our ponds. You may enjoy photographing a stunning sunset on the flatlands. Or watching an armadillo plodding through leaves on the ground at dusk.

Your family can spend just the day or stay overnight in our five-room lodge. We can accommodate up to 22 on the property overnight, some in our lodge, others in what we affectionately call the outhouse, and the others at our family residence. Our picnic area has picnic tables with seating for 40. Or we can set up an outdoor tent with electric lights, sound and outdoor kitchen facilities for larger crowds.

We’ve got the place, you bring the crowd. Experience a unique getaway you’ll long to return to again and again.