Find out how we’re committed to providing for our community.

At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, it’s about more than just selling beef. We’ve been in the business for a while and seen the area grow. We’ve been steadily providing for the community we serve all over Florida. We know that we’re needed now more than ever.


This pandemic and the state of the world has brought dark times upon us, which is why beef selection should be easy and something you enjoy. 


“Buying from local ranchers and farmers is not only an investment in quality food for your family, but also helping out your local community and economy,” says customer Joel Reinking. We have multiple options available to fit your needs.


We think you’ll find our prices economical, especially compared to prices at conventional grocery stores. You can buy either a whole or half steer, and our meat is processed fresh through Chop-N-Block. 


“They called me and asked me how I wanted it packaged,” Reinking says. “They custom cut the steer to my specifications.”


Customers always tell us how good the meat tastes, and Joel said he and his family have made a myriad of meals so far. 


Whether you’re making tacos with ground beef, tenderloin, or steaks, we know you’ll love the taste. Our favorite is the grass-fed cattle. These cows are given grass beginning to end, making their meat extremely high in nutritional value and low in calories and fat. However, this meat doesn’t sacrifice on taste. You have to try it to believe it!


We know you’re going to love our meat as so many of our customers already have, and you’ll love the experience too. 


“As a customer of Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch’s grass-fed beef, I was impressed at their operations, honesty, and candor,” Reinking says. 

Now is the perfect time to support your local economy, and in turn, we’re ready to provide you with a product that’s affordable and local for your family. Visit our website today for more info and to place your order.