Farmers are forging their own path during shutdowns.

You may have heard that there’s a meat shortage during this pandemic. Workers falling ill and increased health policies have forced meat processing plants to change the way they work, if not shut down. This has greatly increased the amount of time it takes for meat to be processed, cutting down on the meat that can be sent to grocery stores and restaurants nationwide. 


Weeks ago, as meat exports to foreign countries were halted, consumers saw an increase of meat on grocery store shelves. An increase in supply equaled some of the lowest prices shoppers have seen in awhile. That quickly changed as plants faced shutdowns. 


To be clear, there is no meat shortage. Cattlemen still have their cattle; they just haven’t been able to sell them. In turn, many farmers are looking for alternative methods to get their beef into the hands of customers. 


Farmers markets are a popular way for smaller growers to sell meat, and now is the perfect time of year for an outdoor market. Some worry that these markets will see fewer customers this year though, so while this is a good method for delivery, it can’t be the only one. 


Mainly, small growers are now selling directly to the consumer. This is a great way to cut down on costs by eliminating middlemen. Local buyers can rest assured they know exactly where their product is coming from. While grocery stores have to compete for a small amount of meat available and then pass that increase in price on to their consumers, local buyers can save by buying directly. This is also a great way to support the local economy and the state of Florida. 


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