Do you have questions about grain-finished beef? We’re here to answer them. 

With so many options for you to choose, grocery stores, farmers markets, and online shops are all vying for your attention. It’s no different when it comes to meat. You may be wondering what your options are. What is grain-finished beef? We’ll give you the details today to make an informed decision that is best for your family. You can also visit our website for more information.


All cows are given grass at the beginning of their lives, but one of the key differences in the product that ends up on your kitchen table is the feed the cows receive as they are nearing the end of their lives. Some cows receive grass the whole time, while others receive grass followed by grain. From that latter method comes the term “grain-finished beef.” 


With grain-finished beef, cows are fed a mixture of grains at the end of their lives. These grains might include local feed ingredients such as potato hulls or sugar beets, or possibly hay or forage from the farm where they live. Corn is another possible and popular diet inclusion.


Many say grain-finished and grass-finished cows have very different tastes. Cows that are grain-finished are described as having marbled beef with a sweet taste. Grass-fed beef tends to taste more “mineral,” and have a “meatier” texture, as it contains a lower fat content. 


Grain-finished beef is still cheaper than grass-fed beef, though the gap has narrowed over the years. A good way to cut down on expenses is to shop locally, as this often cuts down excessive prices due to eliminating the middleman.

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