Here’s an overview of grass-fed beef and what you can expect to find at DH-LR. 

Are you and your family still eating conventional beef? You don’t know where that comes from or what’s in their diets. Now is the perfect time to learn about alternatives. Take advantage of this opportunity to support small business and do a favor for your health by switching to grass-fed beef. 


Maybe you’ve already heard that grass-fed beef is leaner than conventional beef. That’s true, but there are so many more advantages than that. Grass-fed beef is also lower in calories than conventional beef while still being high in several necessary nutrients. Experts say this may be the only food capable of sustaining human life by itself. You’d want that in your diet, right?


Let’s get down to the details. Grass-fed beef contains Vitamin A, B, E and folic acid, along with CLA (a nutrient in meat with cancer-fighting properties), more so than any other commercially-available meat. Grass-fed beef also has healthy doses of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.


We’re going to give you the details on three types of beef you can find in your area or grocery store: grass-fed beef, all-natural beef, and grain-finished beef. 


  • Grass-fed cows eat grass their whole lives. This results in a lower fat content in the meat while still maintaining a great taste.


  • All-natural meat can mean a variety of things. These cows might have consumed grain or forage products in their lifetime, whether that feed was organic or not. This term also doesn’t include any regulations regarding farming practice; ie these cows might have been given additional growth hormones or antibiotics, preventative or not. 


  • Grain-finished cows are generally fed grass at the beginning of their lives. Near the end of their lives, they receive food meant to fatten cows quickly, food that is based in soy, corn, potato by-products or dried distiller’s grains. They may receive hormones or antibiotics as well. 

We think grass-fed beef is the best, and we know you’ll agree. Contact us today to find out how you can enjoy our beef.