Beef jerky is a favorite snack among many people young and old. It’s portable, delicious and a great source of protein. If you’re tired of eating whatever beef jerky the gas station has to offer, we have the perfect solution for you. Today we’ll teach you how to make the best beef jerky with your own choice of grass-fed beef. (Did we mention that we have the perfect grass-fed beef?)  Visit our blog for more recipes! 

  1. Choose a dehydration method for your beef. There’s a bit of debate surrounding this step, so it’s important to choose at the start. Many books and experts recommend pre-cooking the meat, then dehydrating it at 155 degrees. There are several other options for dehydration involving lower temperatures. This may preserve more of the flavor of the meat, but does result in a higher risk of bacteria. The upside to this is that when you purchase locally sourced beef, like from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, you know exactly where the beef is coming from. The risk of bacteria spread is reduced; however, it is not eliminated. Make an informed decision that’s right for you.
  2. Remove fat and cut the meat. All visible fat and connective tissue should be cut off the meat, as these parts will cause the beef to go rancid, leaving you with a much less tasty finished product. Cut the meat into quarter-inch thick strips. Remember, the thinner the strip, the faster it will cure and reduce your risk of bacteria spread, no matter which dehydration method you choose. Cut with the grain for chewier strips and against the grain for pieces that are easier to chew. Keep in mind that these will shrink as they dry. 
  3. Choose your marinade recipes and apply it to the meat! Let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.
  4. The next day, dehydrate using your chosen method and sit back to enjoy. 

We know you’ll love your grass-fed beef jerky as much as we do. Check out our website to order some beef for yourself and get cooking!