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Archbold Station an Asset in Our Neck of the Woods

At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we’re working to protect the environment and be conscious of our impact. There are many wonderful organizations in Florida and in our local community that are exploring conservation efforts and working to keep Earth healthy and clean. One such research organization is working to learn and grow with Central Florida. [...]

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Easements Help Protect Florida Land

Interested in protecting your land? Think yours fits the bill? Conservation easements could be a great opportunity for you. Organizations are working together to help provide protection and resources for preserving our undeveloped land in Florida. This land serves as a home for many animals that need our help. More information is available on how [...]

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Agritourism Pays Off for Business Owners and the Community

Agritourism in Florida is unique in that it works to combine two of the biggest industries in the state. This category encompasses many different activities and events, from wine nights with live music on a peaceful ranch to farm tours. Incorporating these events into your schedule, whether from a business or attendee perspective, helps you [...]

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Ranching Decisions Weight Heavily on Grazing Success

As ranchers, we know a lot goes into the product we create. We’re purchasing insurance for the farm, maintaining pastures, cutting and baling dry forage, maintaining buildings on property, breeding and selling livestock, and keeping up with veterinary records and vaccinations. We make small decisions each day to ensure the success of the herd and [...]

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USDA Expands Coverage to Include Tropical Storms

Floridians are no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms, and now there’s more coverage to help farmers protect their assets. The USDA offers crop insurance, with options expanding in 2020 and now again in 2023. In today’s blog from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we’ll share the details of what you can expect from the expansion. [...]

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Grass-Fed Beef Has More Omega-3s, but Why Does That Matter?

Grass-fed beef is commonly marketed as a healthier type of beef, but what makes it that way? Omega-3 fatty acids are a part of that equation, as they are essential nutrients that have a big impact on your health. These fats are known as “healthy fats,” while conventional beef contains higher levels of saturated fats, [...]

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