Do Cattle Need Supplemental B12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that both humans and cattle need. It plays a number of roles in the body, helping to form red blood cells and DNA, along with assisting with a number of other processes. Cattle need B12, but where do they get it, and how much do they need? Is their [...]

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Finishing Grain-Fed vs. Grass-Fed Beef: What Are the Real Differences?

Cattle diets can consist of a variety of nutritionals, like different types of grass, hay, or fillers like corn and grain. This will result in different flavors in the beef, different vitamin and nutrition amounts being passed on to the consumer, and different price points. What exactly are the differences between grain-finished and grass-finished cattle? [...]

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Keep Your Cattle Movement Stress Free

If you use pasture rotation as a grazing method, you’re probably moving your cattle pretty often. Even if you’re not, every rancher has to move their cattle from time to time. This can be a stressful event for humans and cattle alike, but it doesn’t have to be. In today’s blog, we’ll share some of [...]

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Florida Ranches Protect Our Land

We talk a lot about the history of Florida ranches and about important conservation work happening in the state. How do these topics fit together? Florida ranches have been protecting valuable land resources since cattle ranching started in the state, and they’re more important than ever with the continuous development expanding from cities. In this [...]

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Key Takeaways for Cattle Transport

Gone are the days when cattle were packed into large stock trucks with loading chutes, left to potentially injure each other on long rides from bumps in the road or stress. Now, there are better, safer, more effective ways to do things. With the rise in new technology, cattle transportation is easier on both ranchers [...]

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Your Dream Outdoor Wedding Awaits

Wedding planning is stressful, and one of the hardest parts can be picking your venue. There are so many things to consider: the guest capacity, the rain plan, the proximity of the ceremony and the reception, what’s provided, and how to serve food. Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch is pleased to host weddings. We think you’ll [...]

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