Troutman’s F1 Meats Starts a Hyperlocal Farm-to-Table Network

The pandemic slammed meat processing to a halt, one bump in a series of supply chain issues that plagued the beef industry. The largest meat processing corporations process an estimated 80 percent of the supply, so interruptions are felt throughout the country. However, one way to avoid that and to prevent the same issues happening [...]

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Florida Ranchers Face a Particular Set of Challenges

Florida is a great state for ranching, but cattle ranching isn’t without its challenges. High temperatures, frequent summer rain storms and hurricanes, and an abundance of mosquitoes and other insects work against ranchers across the state. However, with some proper preparation and education, we can work to fight against those challenges and provide the best [...]

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Highlands County Is Ag-Strong. Here’s Why

So many parts of Florida are rich with agricultural offerings, from farms where families have been growing for generations, to local farmers markets where the community can take advantage of fresh produce and support their economy, to educational opportunities to enrich the next generation of ranchers. We're a proud member of the ag community here [...]

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Ag Members Are Stewards of the Environment

Farming is almost always under attack from environmentalists who say the animals and practices are bad for the planet. However, farmers and ranchers from all over are making their commitments to environmentally-conscious practices. Florida farmers have abided by state agriculture laws and contributed to the economy, taken carbon out of the atmosphere, and protected our [...]

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Ag Education Is Essential for Young Minds

While it’s important for children to put their focus toward math, history, reading and science in school, there are many important lessons that can be garnered from agriculture education. Fortunately there are many outlets that students can utilize to learn these skills, like the local Chamber of Commerce Ag Days or county fairs, or 4-H [...]

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Fertilizer Shortage Likely to Persist Into 2023

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) recently completed a survey and released the results, showing expected outcomes for 2023 for fertilizer and food supply. The results aren’t promising, but it’s important to stay informed so you can prepare your farm and family for the best [...]

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