Cattle Ranches: A Benefit to All

Stop and think about it. Can you count the ways cattle ranches are great for the earth, the community, and those who get to visit and be part of them? We’re taking this time at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch to shine some light on our pride and joy. To learn more about the work we [...]

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Let’s Talk About Copper: Questions and Answers for Cattle Ranchers

Experienced ranchers know that a cattle’s diet requires a well-balanced mixture of minerals. In order to provide the nutrients necessary, farmers have to carefully monitor their forage and the condition of their cattle, along with any necessary supplements. Today we’ll be emphasizing the importance of copper to the health of the cattle. Visit our Dark [...]

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Soaring Beef Prices Make Shopping Local the Way to Go

We’ve seen beef prices increase nationwide over the last few years. Much of that impact was because of COVID, but what continues to affect the industry today? Many ranchers are struggling with the high cost of feed, and extreme weather like drought or high heat add on that burden. That causes a ripple effect that [...]

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Summer Heat Wave Is Hard on Cattle, Too

Cattle feel those extremely warm temperatures, just like we do when we’re outside in the summertime. Florida is especially prone to hot temperatures, high humidity, and unrelenting sun, so raising cattle here can prove to be a special challenge. At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we’re committed to providing the best care for our cattle that [...]

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Ranching Decisions Weight Heavily on Grazing Success

As ranchers, we know a lot goes into the product we create. We’re purchasing insurance for the farm, maintaining pastures, cutting and baling dry forage, maintaining buildings on property, breeding and selling livestock, and keeping up with veterinary records and vaccinations. We make small decisions each day to ensure the success of the herd and [...]

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Grass-Fed Beef Has More Omega-3s, but Why Does That Matter?

Grass-fed beef is commonly marketed as a healthier type of beef, but what makes it that way? Omega-3 fatty acids are a part of that equation, as they are essential nutrients that have a big impact on your health. These fats are known as “healthy fats,” while conventional beef contains higher levels of saturated fats, [...]

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