Behind the Classification of Organic and Grass-Fed Beef

If you’re trying to shop healthier for you and your family, you might be baffled by the labels in the grocery store. They’re confusing and hard to navigate. In today’s blog, we’ll break down the organic and grass-fed classifications so you have a better idea of what you’re looking for in the store. For more [...]

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Understanding Vaccinations for Beef Cattle

Cattle need vaccinations to help maintain their health, just like humans do. Vaccines for cattle help protect them from viruses, bacteria and dangerous protozoans. While they cannot prevent exposure to an infection, they can help protect the animal and stimulate an immune response, preventing an infection or lessening the severity. We’ll explore the ins and [...]

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When Drought Drives Up Prices, Buy Local

Consumers have seen skyrocketing prices due to inflation and the pandemic. Prices are rising in many different areas, from rent to groceries. Beef prices aren’t exempt from that either. Thankfully, things have recently taken a better turn for beef consumers. The USDA reported beef prices dropped 0.6 percent in June, and have stayed steady for [...]

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Cracker Cattle One of the Oldest Breeds in the U.S.

The Florida Cracker breed is a living piece of history. It first descended from cattle brought over by the Spaniards in the 1500s. As they colonized parts of Florida, they established cattle systems that were far-reaching and required little supervision to maintain. These breeds that came from their herds are known as criollo cattle, meaning [...]

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Top Problems for Summer Herd Management

While many families look forward to their summer vacation to visit Florida’s theme parks, beaches, or many other tourist attractions, cattle aren’t too fond of this season. That’s because many of the elements are not too kind to cattle. Today we’ll discuss some problems cattle may experience during the summer, and some ways you can [...]

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Be On the Lookout for Horn Flies in Your Herd

If you’ve been around cattle, you’re familiar with horn flies. These pests may be small, but they do an incredible amount of damage. Ranches in Florida alone suffer a loss estimated at $36 million annually due to the horn fly. Up to $60 million annually is spent on insecticidal control in the United States to [...]

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