Top Problems for Summer Herd Management

While many families look forward to their summer vacation to visit Florida’s theme parks, beaches, or many other tourist attractions, cattle aren’t too fond of this season. That’s because many of the elements are not too kind to cattle. Today we’ll discuss some problems cattle may experience during the summer, and some ways you can [...]

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Be On the Lookout for Horn Flies in Your Herd

If you’ve been around cattle, you’re familiar with horn flies. These pests may be small, but they do an incredible amount of damage. Ranches in Florida alone suffer a loss estimated at $36 million annually due to the horn fly. Up to $60 million annually is spent on insecticidal control in the United States to [...]

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Much of Cattle Health Hinges on Gut Health

What is gut health? In cattle, it’s a two-parter. Gut health refers to how well nutrients from their food are being absorbed and can be utilized by the body, along with how well pathogens are contained within the digestive tract. Why is gut health important to cattle? If they have to expend extra energy fighting [...]

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Identify Your Herd’s Predators

If you’re a cattle owner, you know how important it is to protect your herd. Livestock loss is a major issue to ranches all over Florida, especially calf loss. According to the USDA’s 2015 report on livestock loss, ranches suffered a loss of 4% of their calves, with 25% of those losses due to predation. [...]

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Selenium Is Key to Cattle Health

Selenium (Se), an element on the periodic table and a mineral found in soil, rocks, and water, is an essential trace element for ruminants like cattle and sheep. While it isn’t required in high amounts, without it, cows can suffer from deficiency symptoms and health disorders. In today’s blog, we’ll unpack what role selenium plays [...]

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The Future of Thermal Genetics in Cattle

As global temperatures continue to rise and populations and food needs grow, ranchers struggle to produce cattle more efficiently and ethically. Some researchers at the University of Florida are working to improve cattle’s ability to withstand hot summer temperatures by targeting their genetic code. This shows promise to improve overall cattle production with selective breeding, [...]

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Watch for These Common Cattle Ailments

Even the healthiest herd of cattle can have some illness. A smart rancher will establish a good relationship with a local veterinarian early on in the formation of their herd. We recommend having regular checkups to ensure everything is going well. Preventative care can go a long way in keeping your herd healthy, as most [...]

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Help Your Cattle Beat the Heat

High heat and humidity are not great for cows. When these factors get too overwhelming, they can lead to heat stress in the cattle. This can have a lot of negative effects on the cows, such as lower weight gains, reduced breeding efficiency, and even death in severe cases. That’s why it’s important to properly [...]

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Low-Stress Cattle Handling a Win-Win

Cattle are quite different from humans. They’re prey species, which completely changes how they interact with the world. It makes a difference in how they’re designed, both anatomically and the way they think. In ranching, we can use these systems to our advantage. When managed properly, this results in low-stress cattle handling, which is a [...]

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