Grass-Fed Beef’s Antioxidants Can Do a Body Good

We’ve talked a bit before in the blog about how grass-fed beef can help fight potentially cancerous cells. These dangerous cells are called free radicals, and today we’ll explain how antioxidants found in grass-fed beef can help combat them, along with the other benefits antioxidants provide to your body.  Free radicals form in the body, [...]

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Healthy, Everyday Recipes with Grass-Fed Beef

We’ve previously shared some cooking tips on various cuts of grass-fed beef. Our blog has featured various holiday recipes perfect for summer cookouts or Thanksgiving family dinners. Today we’re bringing you some simple, nutritious meals featuring grass-fed beef that bring lots of flavor to weeknight dinners and everyday meals. Let’s check out some favorites, courtesy [...]

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Ranching Grass-Fed Beef for Profit

Ready to start ranching? You likely already know there are many aspects to consider. Everyone has their own strategy, so it’s important to look at the options and decide what will work best for you and your operation. We’ve got some reminders for you today that we practice ourselves with our work at Dark Hammock [...]

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Get More Vitamin A in Your Diet With Grass-Fed Beef

If you’ve read some of our other blogs or ever researched grass-fed beef before, you know it has several health benefits and is a much healthier alternative to eating conventionally-raised beef. Some of these benefits include higher vitamin levels, antioxidants and lower saturated fat. Today, we’ll be exploring vitamin A, which occurs in higher levels [...]

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Grass-Fed Beef Is an Anti-Cancer Food

We’ve talked in previous blogs about the variety of health benefits that people can get from consuming grass-fed beef. Today, we’re talking specifically about cancer, and how properties in grass-fed beef could help fight it. Keep reading to learn more, and remember to always speak with your doctor for medical advice. What are free radicals? [...]

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Making Beef Work in Your Diet

If you’re doing keto, or any diet with particular meal requirements, it can be hard to decipher what foods you should and should not eat. While trying to get healthy, the last thing you want to be worrying about is accidentally eating something you shouldn’t. We’re here to debunk the mystery today and learn about [...]

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