Troutman’s F1 Meats Starts a Hyperlocal Farm-to-Table Network

The pandemic slammed meat processing to a halt, one bump in a series of supply chain issues that plagued the beef industry. The largest meat processing corporations process an estimated 80 percent of the supply, so interruptions are felt throughout the country. However, one way to avoid that and to prevent the same issues happening [...]

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Behind the Classification of Organic and Grass-Fed Beef

If you’re trying to shop healthier for you and your family, you might be baffled by the labels in the grocery store. They’re confusing and hard to navigate. In today’s blog, we’ll break down the organic and grass-fed classifications so you have a better idea of what you’re looking for in the store. For more [...]

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When Drought Drives Up Prices, Buy Local

Consumers have seen skyrocketing prices due to inflation and the pandemic. Prices are rising in many different areas, from rent to groceries. Beef prices aren’t exempt from that either. Thankfully, things have recently taken a better turn for beef consumers. The USDA reported beef prices dropped 0.6 percent in June, and have stayed steady for [...]

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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Cooking Your Grass-Fed Beef

People who are used to cooking conventional beef from the grocery store might be displeased after their first time cooking grass-fed beef. They might think the beef is tough, but that’s because the cooking processes for conventional and grass-fed beef are different. Grass-fed beef cows have well-developed muscles from roaming in pasture, but the texture [...]

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Are You Tenderizing Your Grass-Fed Beef the Right Way?

Grass-fed beef is delicious and nutritious, but these steaks may require a little more preparation than conventional beef. Since grass-fed cows are raised completely in pasture, they get a lot more exercise than cows living in feedlots. This results in a much healthier cow and final product, but all this walking and exercise also develops [...]

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Spice Up Your July Fourth Burgers

As the July 4th holiday quickly approaches, you may be planning your cookout and menu items. By incorporating grass-fed beef into your backyard barbecue, your grilling is sure to be a standout. This recipe brings together the delicious flavors and health benefits of grass-fed beef with a taste worthy of an Independence Day celebration. For [...]

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