As our culture begins to focus more on environmental impact, you may be taking a second look at how the food you consume affects the earth around you. As stewards of our land, we encourage you to do so. However, this may have left you wondering how beef fits into your diet, and how sustainable beef production is. Short answer: you can absolutely keep enjoying beef and support the environment. Keep reading to learn more, and visit our Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch website for up-to-date consumer information. 

One of the ways to be a good steward of the environment is by monitoring your food choices and consuming the appropriate nutrients. Eating empty calories is basically wasting energy, both the energy that your body is trying to get from the fuel you’re giving it and the energy and resources on the earth used to produce that food. Consuming beef, therefore, is a great way to be an environmentally-conscious consumer, because it is a nutrient-rich meal. Just one 3 ounce portion of beef contains over 50 percent of the needed daily value of protein, along with vitamins like zinc, vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, phosphorus, and iron. Looking for some recipes? Check out our blog

Greenhouse Gasses
Cows do incredible things for the environment by consuming waste byproducts, like pea pulp, beet tops, and sunflower hulls, and turning that waste into energy. And did you know research has demonstrated that removing all livestock from the U.S. food system would only reduce greenhouse gasses emissions worldwide by 0.36 percent? 

What You Can Do
A great way to protect our earth is by reducing your food waste and shopping local. You’re doing your part in reducing carbon emissions by purchasing grass-fed beef that’s sustainably-sourced from your own community, and raised on fresh grass right here in Central Florida.

We invite you to visit us for an agritour of the Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch to learn more about our operation and how we take care of and give back to the environment. Purchase your nutrient-rich grass-fed beef here