We’re committed to maintaining a high level of care for our cattle and producing great beef for our community. As ranchers, we can always work towards better health for our herd as technology and research improves. The team at UF/IFAS is doing just that by providing opportunities for ranchers to learn more about improving the health of their herd and current best practices in veterinary medicine. Learn more about this upcoming seminar in our blog below, and stay tuned to our Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch blog page for more events and ag industry news. 

Herd Health Seminar

The South Florida Beef Forage Agents invite beef producers to attend their upcoming Herd Health Seminar. This one focuses on getting the most out of your vaccines. The event features Dr. Joao Bittar, DVM, MSc., PhD., from the UF/IFAS Veterinary College, to share his knowledge and insight into current vaccine knowledge and providing the best standard of care for the overall health of your herd. 

What You’ll Learn

Dr. Bittar will dive into specific vaccines being used in cattle care and when it’s best to use each one. He’ll also share information about his research with the Beef Cattle Parasite Evaluation Project and how producers can benefit and participate. Dr. Harold Newcomb, DVM, from Merck Animal Health will also teach attendees about the proper handling of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals.

The Details

Those interested in attending can visit the Eventbrite link here. The seminar takes place on Tuesday, May 14 from 6-9pm and includes dinner as part of the registration fee. The event will be held at the Arcadia Stockyard. 

Opportunities to learn about best cattle care and to continue to improve the level of product that ranchers are producing are important to keeping our industry safe and ethical. To learn more about our practices and the history of Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, and to purchase grass-fed beef right from our ranch, visit our website