As agriculture producers, there are many topics we’d like to educate our consumers on. We’d love people to know that beef can be a sustainable, eco-friendly meal option, and inform them of all the ways beef ranches help support a healthy ecologically-diverse landscape. We want to contribute to youth education to help raise the farmers of tomorrow. And we want consumers to feel empowered in picking out their beef, whether at a local market or the grocery store. But how do we reach the consumer? In this blog, we’re sharing some solutions for the modern rancher on how they can reach the consumer today. For more industry news, visit the Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch blog


Investing in online educational opportunities is one of the most obvious and effective ways to reach consumers now. This a wide net, though, and can be targeted to reach different audiences. Perhaps younger people would be interested in learning about the environmental effects of a cattle ranch in short tidbits on social platforms like X or Threads, while older generations might respond better to blogs or longer-form content on Facebook or YouTube. Your website should be easy to navigate and have accessible answers to users’ most common questions about purchasing beef from your ranch. 

Schools and Fairs

Investing in youth agriculture education is an important part of continuing the cattle production and ranching traditions for years to come! By volunteering and sponsoring events such as county fairs and working with groups like 4H and FFA (Future Farmers of America), we can help educate youth from the start. Offering agritours on your ranch and working with groups to attend is a great way to easily offer education for all. 

Community Involvement

From hanging flyers in a local community center to having a booth at the farmers market, getting out in your community is a great opportunity to educate those around you about your mission statement, your product, and how it can help the consumer. 

We’re thankful for our community that supports us, and look forward to continuing our mission of education and giving back. You can help spread the word about delicious, premium grass-fed beef by purchasing your own from our Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch website!