Turkey or ham may be common holiday dinners, but if you’re looking for something unique this year for your table, consider grass-fed beef. This standout protein can be crafted into a variety of dishes or used as a substitute to make a twist on a traditional take. In today’s blog from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we’ll share some recipe ideas, compiled by Florida Raised, that can help you incorporate delicious beef into your holiday. You can find more recipes on our blog page. 

Meatballs – Sweet and Sour Style

On the go this holiday season? Rushing to that party after work, or need something quick that tastes like you’ve been making it for ages? This is the perfect meal for you! Meatballs are delicious, a crowd favorite, and easy to leave in the crock pot. When you’re ready to go, strap that crock pot into the car and bring some cocktail sticks and small plates. You’ve got yourself a winner!

Holiday Beef Tamales

Have an inspired meal this holiday season with holiday beef tamales! Tamales have been traditionally served during the holiday season as part of the Latin American culture. Don’t be intimidated – this recipe used shoulder roast, something you might even have in your freezer, and walks you through the process step-by-step for authentic flavor. If you’ve got a little prep time on your hands, these make a great, unforgettable party dish (or even a picnic at Dark Hammock!). 

Polynesian BBQ Stuffed Biscuits

Looking for something easy and nutritious? This is the perfect recipe for you. This meal incorporates Pillsbury dough to save on time, and packs quite a nutritious (and flavorful) punch with water chestnuts and grass-fed beef. 

Impress your friends with culinary knowledge and by supporting your community with your meal choices! Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch is appreciative this holiday season to all our patrons, whether this is your first time buying grass-fed beef or you’ve been part of our family for years. We’re thrilled to be part of your holiday table!