Outdoor weddings are our favorite type of weddings here at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch (we may be bias here). We, and many eager couples and guests, love the breathtaking scenery, the ease of decorating, and the closeness to nature. However, today let’s consider the guest list, and who might crash that party. We’re talking about insects. Mosquitoes and other bugs are frequent fliers in Florida, and they love to make their presence known at any outdoor event, including your special day. What steps can you take to mitigate that? We’ll talk about it in today’s blog. 

Consider the Time of Day

One way to limit the number of bugs that show up to your wedding is by strategically planning it in specific seasons and specific times of the day. Spring and fall weddings are better than summer weddings for limiting the bug population (winter weddings are best, and Florida might be one of the only places you can pull that off without freezing your guests). Morning and early afternoon are also better times of the day to host festivities; avoid late afternoon and early evening if at all possible.

Prepare the Space

Your outdoor event venue should take care of landscaping preparation for you, but if you’re hosting a backyard wedding, listen up. To avoid excess insects, you’ll want to mow the lawn to the lowest height possible, as this will help remove bug hiding spots. Ensure there’s no standing water around, and rake up all leaves and debris. 


Go Above and Beyond

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, we’ve got a few tips that might help. Though they have a strong smell, you can set up citronella candles about every three feet around your event. Consider renting a screen tent to help keep those buggers out. You can also provide bug spray for your guests, or set up diffusers with essential oils to keep bugs away.

No matter the season, we’d love to host your wedding at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. For more tips for planning your special day, visit our blog