Rustic weddings are a popular choice for many couples, usually featuring a barn and some gorgeous scenery. While they may seem simple, taking place out in the country, there are still a lot of logistics to handle. We’ll go over some tips and considerations when choosing your rustic wedding venue. We’d love to have you here at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch! To learn more about our wedding venue, visit our website

Adequate Amenities

Don’t compromise on quality when you choose that wedding venue with the beautiful views. Before you get swept away on that tour, here are some things to look out for. Does the venue have enough amenities for you, the wedding party, and the guests? Are there appropriate places where you can get ready and dressed? Additionally, do these look how you’re envisioning your photos to look? Learn more here about how to create your dream outdoor wedding

Venue Considerations

Consider your guest party size – are there enough parking spaces for them, or do you have other transportation methods arranged? If parking is on an uneven surface, will those who have trouble walking be able to make it safely to the venue? 

Take careful notice of the capacity for each of your spaces. Additionally, take a look around you. Will there be road noise interrupting your ceremony? As you’re trying to enjoy a beautiful sunset, you wouldn’t want to be surprised by loud noises you weren’t expecting. 

Friendly Advice

Sometimes a la carte pricing can be a good thing, but be careful of venues that try to tack on additional hidden fees or nickel and dime you for basic necessities. Look for venues that want to establish clear communication and transparency from the start. These are the venues that will help you create your dream day. 

We’d love to host your wedding at our venue, and we’re confident in our ability to deliver the amenities you want to create a romantic atmosphere that is one with nature. We invite you to visit our Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch website to learn more about us