Cattle play a huge role in agriculture in the United States. Many families own ranches that have been passed down through generations, and even more work on family farms or work in the cattle industry. If you’re an avid supporter of grass-fed beef, especially at the local level, you may have seen prices fluctuate up and down throughout the years, especially recently with the effects of the pandemic. Today, we’ll be taking a look at what historically affects cattle prices, and how you can shop smarter with Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. Visit our website to keep up-to-date on cattle industry news


We’re all familiar with the basics of supply and demand, but how does this concept work with cattle? Farmers need to operate at maximum capacity to make the best profits. As prices fluctuate, farmers may also be reluctant to sell cattle at a loss, but rather hold onto stock with the hope of better prices in the horizon. Sometimes this risk pays off, but other times ranchers may be forced to settle for lower prices than they had hoped for due to abundant supply. 


There are many facets of demand that may affect beef sales. Demand for beef might go down due to higher demand for other meat products, like chicken or beef, or even alternative meats accompanying a rise in veganism. Consumers might be more conscious of their health now, which could point toward favoring grass-fed beef and other leaner meats over fattier products.

International Trade

During the pandemic recently, we all witnessed just how enormous of an impact international trade plays in our prices. Materials and products that were being shipped in from other countries were coming at an astounding price as they were difficult to come by, and often delayed in shipping. If the U.S. can supply for the nation’s beef demand, it will prevent consumers from having to pay hefty import prices. Learn more about our ranch’s rich history here

So how do you get the best price for high-quality beef? We recommend shopping local, like from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. You can purchase our beef directly from our website, processed locally and made just for you.