A new, groundbreaking partnership has just been announced, and we’re thrilled to share the details with our blog readers. Ducks Unlimited, the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of the disappearing wetlands in North America, and the Florida Cattlemen Association, the statewide nonprofit dedicated to protecting cattlemen, have teamed up to help conserve wetlands here in Florida. We’ll share the details of this partnership and what it means for land in Florida. You can learn more about conservation efforts on our Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch website. 

Working Together

When we work together, we can accomplish even better things for our land. This was valuably recognized as Ducks Unlimited and the Florida Cattlemen’s Association came together, just as Ducks Limited has partnered with many other organizations across the continent. This broad effort aims to protect working land for agricultural producers, land which is commonly the beloved home of many animal species.

The Future of Wildlife Habitats

Ducks Unlimited CEO Adam Putnam said in a recent release that DU members and ranching families alike understand that protecting wildlife habitats and working agricultural lands goes hand in hand. “Florida cattlemen have been raising beef and providing quality wildlife habitat for over 500 years on this peninsula. Working with the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, we ensure our natural resources and agricultural lands are provided for,” he said. This collaboration between these two organizations combines the legacy and combined knowledge of both to protect and restore endangered lands.

Florida’s Ecology

Land in Florida, like what you can take our agritour, is a valuable resource that we must use wisely, one that is a diverse home to waterfowl, cattle, and many plants and animals in between. Lands protected through partnerships like these and conservation easements also hold water and wetlands, taking carbon emissions out of the air and protecting against erosion. These partnerships provide a space where ranchers can continue their calling while protecting the land simultaneously.

“Those of us who carry on the legacy of cattle ranching, and conservation are honored to partner with an organization like DU,” Florida Cattlemen’s Association President Pat Durden said. Both organizations have stated they are committed to preserving Florida’s natural land together, and we look forward to doing our part here at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch for these efforts as well.