You know and love grass-fed beef. If you’ve got a large homestead and are deciding what to do with it, you might consider raising some of your own cows. Grass-fed beef that’s homegrown provides you with several benefits; take it from us! Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it, and visit our blog to learn more of the great perks and fun facts about grass-fed beef

Benefits of Raising Grass-Fed Beef

  • Control of your food. This one’s pretty obvious. If you’re raising it yourself, you know exactly what’s going into it. From the moment you get your cow, you are in control of how it’s fed, which ultimately affects its nutritional value and the value it can provide to your family. Producing your own beef gives you the option of raising it entirely grass-fed and the opportunity of treating it appropriately if the cow gets sick, instead of pumping it full of antibiotics like in a conventional operation. 
  • Quality of your meat. These first two go hand-in-hand. By having control of the process, you know you’ll end up with a high-quality finished product. For example, butchering times for grass-fed beef are based on body condition, not solely on age, something you can monitor yourself.
  • Save money. This is a huge bonus for cattle owners. Your overhead costs overall will be much less than buying beef by the pound from the grocery store. Raising grass-fed beef, when done right, should have minimal costs. When rotational, intensive grazing is properly utilized, your cow can graze for most of the year. 
  • Connection with your food. Putting time and energy into something for so long that in turn provides for your family is such a special feeling. Connecting with your cow and raising it yourself provides you with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Take it from us; that special connection keeps us coming back again and again. 




To learn more about our grass-fed beef, visit our website. Whether you make the choice to purchase from our family or raise a cow with your own, rest assured that grass-fed beef is a great choice for your family.