You might have heard in the news recently that in order to fight climate change, we should stop eating so much meat. If you’re not ready to give up your grass-fed beef, don’t panic. There’s more to this story. Small, simple steps can help improve the world we live in, and we’ll show you today how grass-fed beef is actually helping, not hurting the environment. Keep reading to learn about it, and visit our blog for more information on reasons to choose grass-fed beef

Several studies have been cited saying meat production is part of the enormous problem that is climate change. It’s true! Factory-farmed beef is polluting the air and soil and contributing to climate change. These studies are often focused on industrial farming practices rather than the entire farming industry. It’s important to note the differences between commercial farming on a large scale and local farms that use responsible land management and follow best management practices (BMPs). When done correctly, grass-fed beef actually improves the environment. Here are some things to know about grass-fed beef farms. Want to visit one in person? Schedule one of our agritours

Greenhouse gas: There’s more to the story than cattle producing greenhouse gas. When the full picture is taken into account, studies have found that responsibly raised cattle actually reduce methane and help manage carbon levels in the soil. Giving animals room to roam helps reduce the carbon footprint. 

Carbon in the soil: When animals get room to roam, they can help increase the global storage of carbon in the soil. This, in turn, improves soil and water quality, decreases nutrients lost and soil erosion and increases water conservation and crop production.

When you look at the full picture, it’s clear to see that animals raised the right way can actually help our environment. Combined with the health benefits, and great taste, of grass-fed beef, it’s a no-brainer. Help the fight against climate change by choosing locally sourced, responsibly-raised grass-fed beef. Purchase your own by visiting our website.