At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we’re doing all we can to give our cattle a healthy, well-balanced meal every day. This looks different depending on the season and the animals’ needs. Today, we’ll talk about some popular supplements used by ranchers all over. To learn more about what goes into our grass-fed beef, visit our website. 

Just because we’ve been around awhile doesn’t mean we know it all. We’re still growing, learning, and researching the latest methods to care for our herd. There are many different options for supplements you can give your cattle. Using vitamins and minerals as part of your feed is one of the most important tools in your rancher toolbox. Some examples you could add to their diets are a pinch of salt, cobalt, copper, zinc, selenium, or even a bit of extra protein or energy supplements. 

These options, and more, can trigger big improvements in your herd’s conception rates, weight gains, and overall health. It’s more than just tossing a block of salt into the pasture. Take time to research your cattle’s needs. Design a customized mineral and supplement plan; it could be the most profitable decision you make this year. 

It’s important to remember also that though your cattle might be eating primarily grass, that aspect of their nutrition fluctuates from season to season. Grass, though it may be green, doesn’t always carry the same amount of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. The protein and energy content is just as variable. 

One way to ensure your cattle are getting the best nutrients is to go to a specialized feed store that prepares custom mineral mixes. Not all stores have a livestock nutritionist on staff though, and pre-packaged mixes often won’t do the trick.

We take pride in what we feed our cattle, and know you do, too. Visit our website for more information on Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch and to purchase our grass-fed beef.