Did you know cattle were first introduced to Florida in the 16th century? We’ve been around a while, but not quite that long. Keep reading our blog post today to learn more about the history of the cattle population in Florida and how that can apply to us today. To learn more about the history of Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, visit our website

Florida might be known for its amusement parks now, but at one point Florida was once covered in grassy pastures. For almost 500 years now, the cattle industry has significantly contributed to Florida’s development and economics. Generations of family farms have worked to be good stewards of the land while providing quality beef for their communities. In fact, Florida cattle farmers have been such good caretakers of the land that they’ve won several regional awards and one national title of the National Cattlemen’s Environmental Stewardship Award. 

These open green spaces in pastures also work to heal the environment from other damage. They act as carbon recovery and aquifer recharge centers. The grass that grows in pastures with cattle is responsible for improving the wetlands, marsh, woodlands, and prairie habitats. Bird and wildlife populations thrive here, coexisting with the cattle. Many ranches offer their sites as retreats too. To visit Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, check out our retreats page. 

Florida cattle ranchers greatly contribute to the state’s economy too. Florida’s total beef cattle herd is valued at over a billion dollars. Beef cattle sales and sales of beef breeding stock together generate an economic impact of more than $900 million dollars annually. 

If you’re purchasing your beef from Florida’s own Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. We’ve been taking care of our animals, the land, and the community around us for years, and will continue to do so for years to come. Visit our website to get your own high-quality grass-fed beef.