Find out what makes grass-fed beef unique.

We know there’s a difference between grass-fed beef and conventionally raised grain-fed beef, but are the differences worth the higher price? Here are four reasons why grass-fed beef stands apart from grain-fed beef and how they make it worth the price. For more information on the differences between the two, visit our blog

  1. Grass-fed beef is enriched with more vitamins. Grass-fed beef is leaner and contains less fat, making it better for you than conventionally raised cattle. What’s more, is it also contains more vitamins than grain-fed beef. Grass-fed beef contains more vitamin E and beta carotene than its grain-fed counterparts due to its enhanced diet of diverse grasses. It also has a higher concentration of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are known for preventing cancers and other chronic diseases. 
  2. Lower chance of infection. Grass-fed beef may be the safer steak to eat. Raising cows on a pasture versus a confined space could lessen the spread of bacteria like E. coli. Some studies have found that grass-fed beef carries E. coli less frequently than grain-fed beef, making it less likely to spread foodborne illness. 
  3. Grass-fed beef is a more humane option. Pasture-raised cattle have more room to roam and aren’t packed into trucks to travel long distances. Cows are ruminant animals and have four stomachs that are meant to process grass, not corn. 
  4. Limit your use of antibiotics. We’re wary of doctors prescribing too many antibiotics out of concern of becoming resistant to them. Similarly, cattle that receive a large amount of antibiotics run the risk of becoming resistant. That resistance can transfer to humans who eat the beef. Grass-fed cattle get fewer antibiotics and hormones, making them a healthier, more nutritional choice.  

Weigh the options for yourself and your family. We think you’ll find that peace of mind and higher nutritional value make grass-fed beef worth the extra cost. To order grass-fed beef from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch today, visit our website.