It’s important to be an informed consumer, and we know you came to this blog post for a reason. Whether you’re a first-time grass-fed beef buyer, have been buying it for a while, or are still on the fence, you may learn something from our article today. Keep reading to learn some interesting information about buying grass-fed beef, and visit our blog for more.


  1. Most cattle are not raised on ranches. Sounds crazy, but it’s true! Most cattle in the United States are born on ranches and spend a decent portion of their lives there. The cattle are then moved to feedlots, where they are “finished” quickly. This came about due to the rise of fast food. Suddenly, there was a huge demand for beef, and they needed it cheap and quick. In feedlots, cows are packed together with little room for movement and fed grains and other hormones to encourage speedy weight gain. It’s quite a bit different than how we do things at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch.
  2. Cattle prices are constantly changing. This makes the ranchers’ jobs that much harder. If the cattle are ready at the wrong time, the profit could be significantly less. These issues are exacerbated when raising grass-fed beef, as that process is longer and more costly. It’s important to be a value-conscious consumer; don’t just look for the most expensive or cheapest option, as even these can fluctuate depending on the season. Research the beef and where it came from, and ask your ranchers questions.
  3. There are over 250 different recognized breeds of cattle. In addition, there are so many crossbreeds! Breed, region, diet, and farming practices can all affect the taste of your steak. Do you have a favorite?






Here at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we’re a little partial to our own. We hope you learned something today. Visit our website to get some of that grass-fed beef for yourself.