While many families look forward to their summer vacation to visit Florida’s theme parks, beaches, or many other tourist attractions, cattle aren’t too fond of this season. That’s because many of the elements are not too kind to cattle. Today we’ll discuss some problems cattle may experience during the summer, and some ways you can alleviate the stress they may be facing. Visit our blog for more tips on cattle care, from larger herds to just a few cows. 

Problem #1: Heat
It’s no secret that Florida is hot. These extreme temperatures can quickly cause cattle to face dehydration, though, which will affect weight gain, milk production, and immunity strength. To help your cattle deal with the summer heat, provide plenty of shade, easy access to fresh, clean water, and avoid excessive exercise in the peak of the day.

Problem #2: Rain
Not only is it hot, but it’s also frequently raining. While this can help cool down the temperature, it also leads to soggy pastures. Too much of this can cause foot rot and fungus. The solution is ensuring proper irrigation and drainage on your land, accompanied by plenty of dry ground, barn space, or other dry places where cattle can rest. For more information on foot rot, check out this article

Problem #3: Bugs
Many joke about the state bird of Florida being the mosquito, but they’re not just a menace to us. Cattle are constantly dealing with mosquitos, flies, maggots, lice, ticks and more, and these problems can be exacerbated during the warmer and wetter months of the year. Speak with your veterinarian and local agencies about recommended preventative methods for dealing with specific insects, and closely monitor your herd for signs of distress.


With your help, your cattle can successfully make it through the hot months of Florida summer. To visit our ranch and see how we operate, schedule an agritour.