Are you looking for the perfect reason to switch to buying grass-fed beef? Maybe you already love it but want some scientific facts to back you up when you try to convince your friends they should switch, too. Whether you’re just emerging into the grass-fed beef market or have been a fan for years, you can probably learn something from this article. Check out the rest of our blogs for some interesting facts on grass-fed beef!

We’ll be using several studies from 2000-2011 as our sources. To start, grass-fed beef is great for your health! Several studies show that overall, grass-fed beef has less fat and more nutrients than its grain-fed counterparts. Getting into the details, grass-fed beef was found to have lower saturated fat, more heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and more beta-carotene, vitamin E and B-vitamins. Choosing a certified organic option also helps the consumer avoid artificial growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics given to conventionally-raised cattle. 

Well-managed grazing operations are significantly better for the environment than conventional farming practices. You’ll find the best of the best here at our ranch. By rotating pastures, we can encourage better foraging that’s more diverse and more fertile. Manure is spread out, decreasing the risk of soil erosion and contaminated water runoff. Organic farming methods also enhance pest and weed resistance, even without the use of pesticides. 

Choosing to eat more sustainably is a responsibility we all have to our community. If we are in a position where we can be choosy about our food, let’s do so. Support small, local businesses by purchasing your grass-fed beef right from the source, Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, and help save the environment in the process. You’ll get a fresher, healthier, more delicious product, incredible customer service and expert processing by our friends at Chop-N-Block. What’s not to love?

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