Any consumer who has tasted farm-fresh beef knows it’s nothing like beef from the grocery store. Not only are you receiving a different flavor profile from beef that gets shipped in from another part of the country, but you’re also receiving a product that tastes fresh. There’s more to local beef than just the taste, though. Today in our blog, we’ll be giving you the inside scoop on why buying Florida beef benefits us all. For more information on why you should buy locally, check out our other blogs

  1. Livestock help to reduce food waste. Many cattle consume unsold bakery goods that would often go to waste. Part of their diet could also be leftovers from fiber and ethanol production. As they eat these leftovers, they reduce waste from those production processes that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. Waste gets processed by food, fiber and fuel companies and then purchased by ranchers to feed their cattle. Buying from Florida farms helps reduce Florida waste. Of course, grass-fed cattle are consuming entirely, if not most, grass. We’ll get to that next. 
  2. Cattle maintain a good ecosystem. There are multiple ways they accomplish this. First, they graze on land that’s unsuitable for crop production. Cows can upcycle lower quality plants, like the grasses they eat, into a high-quality product. In addition, Bahia grass, one of the primary plants used for foraging in Florida, can trap carbon deep in its roots. This carbon is taken out of the atmosphere; therefore, it’s growth helps clean up the air we breathe.
  3. Ranches provide great opportunities for education, eco-tours, sightseeing and events. We’d love to have you as our guest at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. For more information, be sure to visit our website

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the benefits of buying your beef right from Florida. To purchase your own grass-fed beef and help protect the earth around you, take a look at our website and contact us with any questions you have.