Here are some impactful questions you should be asking.

If you’ve read our articles or spoken to someone about grass-fed beef, you likely know that there can be many varieties within this realm. You know that not all beef is created equal, but where do you start? If the grocery store is overwhelming to you and you want to go local but don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Here are some questions you should ask your rancher or farmer about the grass-fed beef they sell. For more information on what sets grass-fed beef apart, visit our blog

How often are the animals moved to a new paddock/pasture? For maximum land stewardship and health of the cattle, they should be moved from pasture to pasture frequently. This will ensure they’re getting a wide variety of grasses, which is great for the cows’ health. 

Does their feed include corn or grains? If you’re looking for an all-grass diet, then you’ll want to steer clear of any grains or corn additives. However, grain-finish isn’t a bad thing. At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we offer multiple finishing options so you can get the exact marbling and flavor you desire. You can read about it on our website. If health is your primary concern though, and you’re looking for maximum CLA fatty acid levels, then entirely grass-fed is your best bet.

How do you care for your animals (in winter)? These are great questions to ask your rancher, and most should be happy to have you come onsite to see the animals and their welfare for yourself. If they’re hesitant, that’s a warning sign. And though Florida winters are much milder than those in the Midwest, this is still a great question to ask to ensure the cattle have proper shelter. We have frequent visitors to our farm and rent our space for events of all kinds. We’re happy to have you with us.

Rest assured that you’re in good hands with Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. We know you’ll love our product and farming practices. Visit our website to learn more about our history here at the ranch.