The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) recently completed a survey and released the results, showing expected outcomes for 2023 for fertilizer and food supply. The results aren’t promising, but it’s important to stay informed so you can prepare your farm and family for the best possible outcome. For more information on agricultural news, stay tuned to our blog

Consumers have faced many hardships during the pandemic and the past several months. Rising inflation and supply chain issues have contributed to backups and difficulties getting a variety of goods, like food and produce. These supply chain issues are plaguing farmers and ranchers, too. 

Fertilizer supplies have been low, and the outcome doesn’t look much better for 2023. A fertilizer crisis has been going on since 2021, threatening food supply chain issues and even higher food prices. Many factors have contributed to this: including pandemic-related supply chain issues, the war in Ukraine, and high inflation. Russia and Ukraine are both major exporters of agricultural compounds and components used to make fertilizer, so this strain is causing rifts throughout the rest of the world.

The research done by the FAO and WTO highlights the need for improved accessibility to fertilizer and compounds into the new year. Continued instability in fertilizer access will impact agricultural production and food security worldwide. 

These difficulties are passed onto farmers and then consumers. Farmers have to pay higher prices to get the resources they need. This translates into higher food costs. Without enough fertilizer, food will become more expensive, and more scarce.

A good way to support your community and local farmers and ensure you’re getting the best price possible is to shop locally whenever you can. That way you can purchase directly from the producer, instead of having to go through a middleman with their own costs to maintain. 

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