We’ve talked on this blog about the many health benefits that come from switching your diet from conventionally raised beef to grass-fed beef. Did you know that there are many health benefits in milk and dairy products that come from grass-fed dairy cows? We’ll talk about the differences today. Next time you’re at the farmer’s market, see if you can pick up some “grassmilk.” Stay tuned to our blog for more health information on grass-fed beef. 

What’s “grassmilk”? This is the term given to milk products that come from grass-fed cattle. Typically, cows that produce grassmilk consume nearly 100 percent forage products like grass, or dried and fermented forages during the winter. 

“Organic” cows that may produce organic milk typically consume about 80 percent forage, with the remainder of their diet supplemented with grain and concentrates. Remember, cows can be grass-fed and organic, but it’s important to understand the specific source. Talk to your local farmer for more information.

What are the health benefits? As we mentioned in a previous blog, grass-fed beef products contain higher levels of omega-3 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). This rings true for grass-fed cattle’s dairy products too. Studies have also shown lower levels of omega-6 fatty acids, and higher levels of omega-3 and CLA, in consumers after eating grass-fed dairy. Partaking in the recommended amounts of these acids can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

What’s in it for farmers? Though pasture management is no small pill to swallow, ranchers can reap the rewards by switching their dairy cattle to grass-fed. When proper preparation is done, it can actually save farmers money. In addition, consumers will love the health benefits that come from drinking grassmilk. This health trend is sweeping the nation, and for good reason!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the health benefits of grass-fed milk today. Support your body and your community by purchasing grass-fed products from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. Parents and kids alike will love the great taste, and your bodies will thank you!