Experts agree that grass-fed beef is superior in taste to its conventional counterpart. It also yields more edible meat after cooking, as conventional beef has higher water content. Some may struggle to cook their grass-fed beef though, as the process is slightly different than that of grain-fed cattle. If you’re looking for some tips on preparing your meat to ensure you come out with a tender product, then this blog is for you. Check out our other blogs for more cooking tips.

Olive Oil
Grass-fed beef has a natural lower fat content than grain-fed beef. Due to this, it’s important to use a sufficient amount of oil and fats in marinating and cooking to tenderize the meat and keep it moist. Olive oil is great for marinating, particularly the unfiltered extra virgin variety, and any fat like butter or ghee is great for the cooking stage to keep the meat from drying out.

Here’s a technique you can try with some cuts (roasts, not steaks) to further tenderize your meat. Take the roast and quickly brown in a hot skillet or in an oven at 425 degrees until all sides are browned. Cool the meat to room temperature and refrigerate, or rest one to two hours if cooking it soon. Your meat is not done at this point, but it gives it a head start on cooking later. Preparing for an end-of-summer cookout? Check out this blog

It’s fairly common to marinate with olive oil, but using the enzymes from vegetables to break down your meat is a great trick, too. Chop garlic, onions, ginger, celery, carrots, parsley, or Fuji apples, etc., and crush them before rubbing into the meat. Rest together in the fridge overnight or on the counter at room temperature directly before cooking. 

Impress your family and friends with these new tips for tenderizing! You’ll have the juiciest, most delicious beef on the block. Need to purchase some grass-fed beef? Visit our website today