When raising grass-fed cattle, keep this in mind.

There are many aspects that go into raising healthy grass-fed cattle, which translates into great beef. From the size of their living space to their food, supplements, and even water intake, raising beef is no easy task. It can be easy to forget the importance of the soil. Since the soil provides the growing space for the cattle’s primary nutrition source (grass), good soil health is important to ensure good health for the cows. Today we’ll detail some ways to monitor and provide good soil for the grass for your cows. For more tips on raising cattle, visit our blog.

Good healthy soil should have some characteristics. Here are some traits you should look to have on your farm.

Water Regulation – Soil helps determine where rainwater and irrigation are distributed. Earthworms help provide channels throughout the soil to aid in irrigation and root channel growth, allowing plants to grow stronger and faster. This, in turn, helps provide better crops for your land and better grass for your cows. To learn more information about specific grass varieties, click here.

Filtration – Good soil aids in water filtration. When soil is well-nourished with minerals and microbes, it can process toxins and aid in purification, removing elements that might cause damage to plants and root systems.

Nutrition – Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and many other vitamins and minerals plants need are stored in the soil. Soil microbes typically reside in the root zone of the soil. aided by diverse root structures which allow the microbes to better fertilize the soil.

Rejuvenation – Microbes and livestock grazing habits can leave lasting impacts on the soil and land. When managed responsibly with proper field rotation, they can restore and add organic matter to the soil, which has a big impact on run-off control.

Healthy soil leads to great-tasting beef. That’s why we take care to analyze all aspects of our operation when serving you our products. To find out more about our fresh grass-fed beef processed by Chop-N-Block, visit our website.