February 18-25, 2023 marks National FFA Week. The National FFA Organization, where FFA stands for Future Farmers of America, plays a big role in schools across America as they prepare students for future career success through a variety of learning opportunities. This intracurricular student organization works to prepare students for future challenges and a variety of careers, not just farming, by educating them in agricultural topics. In this blog, we’ll celebrate why youth ag education through the National FFA Organization and other organizations is so important. For more on our history with the community and on the ranch, visit our website

For youth who raise animals through FFA, 4-H, or independently for county fairs, they’ll have to learn key financial management skills. They’re responsible for budgeting for feed and care costs, and understanding prices and the cost of reinvesting into raising future animals if they choose to sell at auction. The average American holds a debt balance of about $96,000, so teaching them good financial tips in childhood can help prepare them for the future, no matter their career. 

Work Ethic
Raising animals and participating in group service projects are two easy ways that youth participants in their organizations can easily see the fruits of their labor. When they put time and effort into these endeavors, they’re rewarded by their hard work and the results they get. 

Not only do youth learn how to work hard, but they also learn how to be kind. As they participate in group projects, they’ll learn that kindness goes a long way in working with others. They’ll also learn compassion for the animals they help raise, as they respond to their calls and tend them with care.

Appreciation for the Earth
Working in agriculture will help kids learn about our earth and everything they can do to protect it so we can have resources for years to come. Good management is necessary in everything from raising cattle to growing gardens. 

We’re excited to keep supporting our community and youth in ag. To get a closer look at our work, come visit us on an agritour