If you grew up going to or participating in a youth fair, the scent of manure, the noises of animals, and the happy chatter of eager participants and spectators are all familiar to you. The youth fair is a great place for kids to grow up and learn valuable life lessons. Here are some reasons to get your kids involved in this great tradition. For more on ranching and supporting our youth, visit our blog

The Value of Hard Work
When our youth and teens show cattle or other livestock, they’re spending long hours caring for these animals first. Feeding and cleaning up after their animals takes time and energy. They also have to calculate feed costs and nutrition amounts to ensure their animals are properly fed. Their hard work is rewarded by the thrill of showing and pride in their work knowing they raised these livestock on their own. 

Losing With Grace
Even when you prepare for months, whether raising livestock or working on a new recipe, you don’t always win. That, however, doesn’t mean that your work wasn’t good or that you shouldn’t take pride in it. Participating in the youth fair helps children develop these skills and a sense of worth, as well as the ability to lose with grace and poise. 

The relationships you form with other kids who share your interests are invaluable. They serve as encouragement, advice, and help your kids learn that it feels great to cheer on those around us. 

Caring for the Earth
Participating in the youth fair teaches kids about the earth and the circle of life. They’ll learn the importance of taking care of the animals that will eventually nourish our bodies, the pillars of proper nutrition, and how to utilize renewable resources to ensure they last for seasons to come. To get them started, give them a taste with an agritour at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. 

The youth fair has been teaching kids valuable skills for years. Be part of the tradition! To learn more about us and how we support the youth of our community, contact us on our website