In the wake of a natural disaster, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to getting your ranch back on track. Along with the physical damage to property, injuries or loss of animals, and perhaps flooding to personal areas, you’re also dealing with the emotions of the situation. Take time to breathe. We’ll share some tips for where to start on repairing the damage caused by a storm. For more ranching tips, visit our blog page

Find Animals
The first priority is checking on your livestock. In the event of flooding, cattle may seek higher ground. This could unfortunately put them in harm’s way if they wander onto roadways or into water that is charged by downed power lines. Take basic first aid supplies, wire cutters, and other small tools with you in case you need to help out any trapped cows on their way back to safety. For more on herd management, check out this blog

Render Aid
Take stock of your cattle. Are there any injuries? Try to treat minor ones on your own, and do what you can for more serious injuries that require a veterinarian visit. When calling the vet, be precise and as detailed as possible when describing the injury and state of the cow. Listen and look for coughing, runny noses or signs of pneumonia. 

Cattle get stressed easily, so any natural disaster is sure to make them unhappy and scared. Provide them access to clean hay and water. While wet hay is okay, be sure to check for mold. 

Check Fences
Once your animals are safely back where they need to be, ensure they’re secure and safe in their pasture. Check your perimeter fences for damage or hazards to cattle, and repair as needed.

Work methodically and try to remain calm. Your animals are grateful for you doing your best to keep them safe in the event of these harsh circumstances. To learn more about Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, visit our website