Farming is almost always under attack from environmentalists who say the animals and practices are bad for the planet. However, farmers and ranchers from all over are making their commitments to environmentally-conscious practices. Florida farmers have abided by state agriculture laws and contributed to the economy, taken carbon out of the atmosphere, and protected our water supply. In this blog, you’ll learn some ways ranchers are working to make this community an even better place to live and ranch. For more on what we do, visit us online or contact us with your questions. 

Management Practices
For more than 20 years, farmers in Florida have been adhering to Best Management Practices (BMP), which are standards put in place by laws or other means meant to save Florida waters from pollution. These BMPs were established using extensive research into local needs and determined to be both highly effective and practicable. Florida Statutes state that BMPs for agricultural discharges must reflect a balance between water quality improvements and agricultural productivity.

Economic Impact
In 2020, Florida agriculture generated about $7.4 billion in gross income. The industry was valued at 1.6% of the state’s overall GDP that year. Some of those dollars were reinvested into local economies, contributing to the “multiplier effect.” Without ag in Florida, consumers couldn’t get locally grown and raised produce and livestock products, having to spend more money on imports from out of state. Additionally, ag accounts for about 1.5 million jobs in Florida. 

Protecting the Environment
Pasture and cropland occupy about 50% of earth’s habitable land. It’s our duty to take care of it. We can work together with lawmakers and environmentalists to research what will lead us into the future so we can protect our clean water sources, ranching and growing for years to come. 

Using good practices, we can work to reduce nutrient runoff, prevent erosion, and positively contribute to net-zero carbon efforts. Want to help us with our efforts? Start by shopping small at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch.