As farmers who make a good deal of our living off the land, we know the importance of taking care of it. Not only do we have a responsibility to provide our community with good, healthy, nutritious food, but we also need to take care of the land we use so families can continue to thrive off it for years to come. This manifests itself in a variety of ways, which we’ll explain today. We strive to show our care of the land in everything we do. It’s something we’ve been passionate about since the beginning of Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch over a hundred years ago. Here’s how we do it.

Taking Only What We Need
Through crop rotation, we can be better stewards of the resources we’ve been given. Rotating crops and animals through our fields in the most beneficial way is how we can take the research we’ve been given to stretch the food further. Crop rotation results in higher yields of produce and grasses and less feed that needs to be supplemented for our cattle. Maximizing our irrigation systems throughout the fields helps prevent water runoff and uses our water supply more efficiently. These practices help us preserve the land for years to come. 

Giving Back What We Can
Because we practice crop rotation with our plants and cattle, we can use natural fertilizers and cut back on pesticides. This contributes to a more healthy soil life that can rejuvenate nutrients on its own. Proper irrigation prevents water runoff which could be filled with cow manure. Preventing runoff helps keep our waterways clean and cut back on erosion effects.

Paying It Forward
By striving to research and stay up-to-date on best farming practices, implementing what we’ve learned, and providing that knowledge to our community, we’re building up a generation of people to care about the land we all share. We preserve wildlife areas and make those available for touring as an outreach tool to nature enthusiasts young and old. 

We’re always looking to share what we learn and grow with our community. Visit our website to find out how you can get involved in our mission and be a good steward with us.