Florida beef is special; in fact, it’s sold all over the world. Florida ranchers have been raising their cattle here for hundreds of years, perfecting care, increasing nutrients, and providing local (and distant) customers a delicious product. The state has won many awards for its beef over the years. What makes it so special? Today, we’re talking about grass. No need to get your hands in the dirt with us; we’ll tell you all about it. Take it from the experts, and learn about the history of Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch right here. 

Florida is unique in that it has a very diverse array of wetlands and grasses that help nourish the animals that live here. The biodiversity across the state is being meticulously preserved in order to provide quality care and beef for years to come. Not only are ranchers the keepers of their cattle, but they’re also keepers of our delicate planet. Find out more about the history of cattle-raising in Florida in this blog

If you’re a Florida homeowner, you’ve heard of St. Augustine grass. In fact, you might even have some in your yard. St. Augustine grass, particularly the Roselawn variety, is one of the best foraging options for cattle in Florida. This grass produces a greater forage mass than other varieties, and it thrives on overgrazing. This grass loves growing in the mineral-rich, wet soils of Florida, and it flourishes almost all year long, rebounding quickly. 

Ranchers can carefully utilize several tools at their disposal to help their cattle. They can introduce other plants to the pasture that can help control and nourish the grass. Pastures are also rotated and properly aerated to ensure top nutritional value can be extracted by cattle. 

Florida grass-fed beef is a fan favorite around the world, and for good reason. St. Augustine grass helps make Florida grass-fed beef nutritious and delicious. Buy locally to support your economy. Visit our website to get your own grass-fed beef.