While greenhouse gasses might be a common thought associated with beef, the industry has taken huge leaps in the direction of improved sustainability. It all starts at the hands of individual ranches, like Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. We’re doing our part to manage waste, contribute back to the environment by nourishing native species and making a positive impact on the carbon cycle, and providing local grass-fed beef purchasing options. Visit our website to learn more about our impact

Sustainability Wins

The beef industry has come a long way in recent years for the sustainability cause. Since beef and cattle ranches make up over 30% of U.S. farms, making it the single largest segment of agriculture in the country, we know that the impact of sustainability changes for the industry is both needed and felt. Currently, emissions from cattle makeup only 3.7% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Great sustainability efforts are marked by their contribution to people, the planet, and the economy. We work to make constant efforts toward all three categories.

High Net Protein Contributors

Cattle contribute to the environment by foraging on lands unfit for other agriculture, and by consuming grass that stores carbon in its roots. Ranchers assist this process by being careful stewards of the land they’ve been given, protecting against erosion and keeping water runoff clear to further contribute to sustainability. Cattle digest grass, which is not consumable by humans, and make it into a high protein food item fit for humans (one that’s also delicious). Since cattle produce more protein than they consume, they’re a net protein contributor, and higher than poultry or swine on the list. 

Do Your Part

Consumers can contribute to the sustainability cause by helping to reduce food waste. Since beef cattle are a high net protein contributor, they’re a great use of resources if that protein product is not wasted. Do your part by helping to reduce food waste. Learn more about our processing here

Purchasing grass-fed beef from a local supplier like Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch is a great way to help sustainability efforts by cutting down on transportation costs and truck emissions. We’re thankful for our community’s support and continue to put our efforts into giving back to the environment. Find out how we do it by joining us for an agritour