Stop and think about it. Can you count the ways cattle ranches are great for the earth, the community, and those who get to visit and be part of them? We’re taking this time at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch to shine some light on our pride and joy. To learn more about the work we do, we invite you to visit our blog page


Carbon Storing

While carbon is a necessary part of life, too much of it isn’t a good thing. As excess carbon dioxide continues to fill our atmosphere, ranches provide a solution. Bahia grass, a commonly used grass on Florida pastures, can take carbon out of the atmosphere, reducing the greenhouse effect, and store it effectively in the grass’ deep roots. 

Space for Endangered Animals

Wide open pastures untouched by commercial projects provide the perfect welcoming space for endangered creatures to make their home. Many live in harmony alongside cattle, knowing they won’t be in danger here. They have access to forage, bugs, and native small animals, and can grow and repopulate on this land. 

Photosynthesis and Other Cycles

Grass and the other plants that flourish on a ranch are important to many life cycles, like photosynthesis, soil formation, and nutrient cycling. The pasture rotation of cattle plays a huge role in nutrient cycling, and as grass and other matter decomposes, it’s returned to the earth and helps to reduce erosion. We’re also mindful stewards of our land by monitoring water runoff and taking care of the land by clearing brush and other debris. 

Recreational Activities

One of our favorite ways to impact our community is by opening our ranch up to activities like retreats, picnics, agritours, and even weddings. We’re thankful for our land and want to help educate and inspire others. You can find out more about our offerings here

Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve been on our agritours year after year, we’re thrilled you’re part of our story. Join us in learning more about the land we live on and how we can be good stewards here together. Visit our website to learn more.