Beef isn’t always a traditional holiday dish, which is all the more reason to switch things up this holiday season. Whether you’re going to a holiday dinner party, attending a work potluck, or getting ready to host Christmas dinner, we’ve got some great suggestions for you, all easy to do with fresh, grass-fed beef from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch. Visit our website to get your own so you can get started with these recipes. 

Ground Beef Wellington
This is an easy choice that’s perfect for weeknights during the holidays or for potlucks with friends, as it can be easily altered to create smaller or large pastries. You can also change up this recipe by cooking it in the air fryer for quick and easy cooking. Customize it with your own choices of spices, and mix up the vegetables used for the sauce to make your own creation. View the full recipe here

Bacon Beef Tenderloin with Cranberry Glaze
Want to stick with something more traditional? This cranberry glaze is hard to pass up. While this requires some prep work the night before, it can roast in the oven the day of while you and the family are busy with holiday activities. The smell from the fruit juices, zest and wine will waft through the house. View the full recipe here

Beef Osso Bucco
Looking for elegance? This is the epitome of a high-class yet warm and comforting holiday meal. It’s also a great choice if you want to utilize the slow cooker, freeing up the oven or stovetop for other dishes. Served over polenta, mashed potatoes, or pasta, this is a dish that reheats well to save time on a busy day. View the full recipe here

No matter how you choose to entertain your guests, nourish your family, or take care of yourself with a great meal, we’re sure these recipes will be a hit. Beef from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch is the perfect addition to any meal. To get your own, visit our website