Hurricane season is already building, so it’s time to get prepared. Don’t wait until the last moment to gather supplies, as necessary items may go out of stock. Avoid stress by viewing our list now and getting to it. 

  • Put Together Important Documents
  • Have Extra Animal Feed
  • Keep Medical Supplies on Hand
  • Stock Up on Fence Repair Tools

Read more details below to keep you and your farm prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. For more farming and ranching tips, visit our Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch blog.

  • Put Together Important Documents: Think about the important information you’d need to have. Some ideas include a list of employees and their contact information, your veterinarian, and any medical information from your herd you’d like to have handy. This list might also include a phone number to your power company.
  • Have Extra Animal Feed: It’s worth saying that you should always have extra feed on hand. In the event of a storm and potential flooding, always store in airtight, waterproof containers that can stay dry and resist molding and bugs.
  • Keep Medical Supplies on Hand: Hopefully your animals will stay uninjured, but it’s a good idea to have some basic medical supplies while you’re waiting for your veterinarian after a storm. These could include gauze pads, isopropyl alcohol, betadine scrub, and Epsom salt. Your vet will thank you, and might even be able to give you verbal directions over the phone while you wait.
  • Stock Up on Fence Repair Tools: One of the first things you’ll want to do after a storm is check your fences. Make sure you’re stocked up on basic fence repair supplies. This not only includes tools for patching holes, as well as a hammer and nails, but also some sort of chainsaw for removing trees that may have fallen on a fence. Interested in seeing our setup? We invite you to join us for an agritour.

With these tips from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, you can rest assured you’re entering hurricane season more prepared than before. To learn more about our farm and the work that we do, we invite you to visit our website