We’re proud to have been feeding our community with our locally grown grass-fed beef for years, a practice we plan to continue for years to come. But what makes it so special to you? When you make a purchase from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, you can …

  • Support your local economy
  • Make healthy choices for your family
  • Save money by buying in bulk

As a trusted name in the ranching community, we’ve got the reputation to back up our practices and the history to show for it. Want to learn more about our Central Florida background? Visit our website.

Support Your Local Economy
By purchasing grass-fed beef from a local provider, you’re directly stimulating your local economy. With your purchase, we can pay our incredible staff, who then go home to their families, make purchases, and put that money back into our local economy. You’re also cutting down on transportation costs and exhaust fumes by purchasing meat here, instead of meat that has been trucked in from other areas or even countries. 

Make Healthy Choices for Your Family
By purchasing from a small business vendor, you can directly speak with us about the quality of the beef you’ll be receiving. While labels in the grocery store are hard to understand and can be misleading, if you’ve got questions for us about how our cattle are raised, we’re here to answer them. Need a recipe? We’d be happy to help with that too. 

Save Money by Buying in Bulk
With prices on common household goods so high, it’s important to save money where you can. Buying your beef from Dark Hammock is a great choice for your family’s budget. Each steer produces roughly 240lbs of finished product. Whether you choose to store that yourself or split it with a friend or neighbor, it’s a great deal. By processing all our beef with Chop-N-Block and selling directly to you, we’re saving on so many of those middleman costs; and we pass those savings right along to you. 

We look forward to continue providing for local families and nourishing those around us with our grass-fed beef. Ready to purchase yours? Visit our website