You probably know that pasture rotation is an important part of raising cattle or any grazing animal. This allows for the animals to get good nutrition, the crops to get fertilized, and the pastures to have a chance to grow. It can also be very beneficial to rotate your cows every single day; in fact, this practice is even better for your cows than doing it less often. We’ll explain why in today’s blog post. Visit our website for more information on raising cattle. 

Why Daily Pasture Rotation Is Better for Cows
Pasture rotation at its core is designed to mimic the patterns of wild cattle as they graze the country. Their natural instincts helped preserve their food sources for generations to come. Putting in the extra work to do daily pasture rotations can be even better, though. 

By dividing your pastures up into small sections or slices, you’re creating what looks like, to the cows, a short supply of grass. When cows have a large pasture to graze for any number of days, they’ll take their time as they search for the perfect sprig of grass. When they’re being moved daily, they’ll think they’re competing up against all the other hungry mouths of the herd for the grass. This makes them a lot less picky, chowing down on whatever grass is right in front of them. Continue this daily, and your cow is gaining weight even quicker than before.

Why Daily Pasture Rotation Is Better for the Soil
When cows are not being rotated daily, they’ll search for their favorite grass types and leave the weeds to overgrow. This can lead to invasive species and more work for you down the line. Moving them daily causes them to chew the whole area to the same length, which is easier for you to manage. It also prevents erosion or water evaporation in certain areas that have been chewed to the ground. 

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