If you’re looking to purchase beef in bulk, or even buy a whole cow, you’ve come to the right place. This can be a great option for those looking to make an investment, save money by buying more upfront, or split the meat with neighbors or friends. At Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, buying meat in bulk is simple and comes at a great value. You’re also giving back to your community! Here’s everything you need to know before purchasing meat in bulk.

Find a Good Ranch
Purchasing meat or a cow is just like purchasing any other product. You can look online at a company’s website, ask community members for their experience, or visit the ranch to ask questions. You can also contact your local USDA offices to find out where you can purchase beef directly from a farmer.

Pick Your Cuts
Purchasing a whole cow comes with cuts like steaks (ribeye, strip, sirloin, etc), brisket, roasts, ground beef, ribs, soup bones and more. All our beef is processed by Chop-N-Block and individually packaged to make freezing easy. Contact us on our website to see what we currently have available.

Choose the Finishing Method
On our blog, we frequently talk about the differences between grass-finished and grain-finished. While all cows start out as pasture-raised, they can be finished on either grain or grass. While there’s no correct answer, be aware which one you want, and which one you’re purchasing. If you’re looking for a healthier, leaner meat that’s still full of flavor, choose grass-finished beef.

Do the Math
Does buying in bulk actually save you money in the long run? It absolutely does! Go to your local grocery store and check out how much those cuts cost you by the pound. Contact us to get our rates. An average family of four tends to eat about a half cow every year, but you can easily change the estimation to fit your family by the pounds of meat you consume each week by 52 weeks of the year. 

Purchasing meat in bulk can be a big decision for your family, but we believe you’ll see the value. If you have any further questions, submit a contact form on our website. We’d love to help you and get you on your way to some of the best beef.