You might have heard the term regenerative farming. This practice goes a step beyond organic farming, or limiting the use of chemical pesticides. In regenerative farming, ranchers carefully take the time and care to not only produce great, healthy products while not damaging the land, they also give back to the land to help prevent erosion, increase biodiversity, and regenerate the earth and its nutrients. We’ll break down “regenerative farming” more in today’s blog from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, and explain why it’s in your best interest to care about this initiative (hint: consumers care!). Visit our blog page for more ranching information. 

How to Practice Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming can be accomplished in many ways, like rotating your cattle through different sections of your farm through pasture rotation. For crops, you can use crop rotation and cover crops to utilize the land when cattle aren’t grazing there. The careful use of natural irrigation and the slope of the land to get the most out of rainwater, preventing erosion in the process, can also contribute to a regenerative farming landscape. 

Regenerative Farming Saves you Money

When you practice regenerative farming, over time, you’ll actually need less fertilizer. That’s because your plants are naturally nourishing the soil. Whether you plant a rotation of crops or grasses to help give those nutrients back to the soil, allowing the soil the time and ability to regenerate, or you monitor the length of the grass and rotate your cattle accordingly, you’re helping to preserve nutrients, and you’ll need less fertilizer. Over time, this saves you money and saves the environment. 

Consumers are Looking

Research shows consumers are taking intentional, conscious steps to make more sustainable choices in their diet and lifestyle. By showcasing that your company is taking steps to contribute back to the environment, you might appeal to a new or wider customer base. 

Regenerative farming may be buzzing now, but it’s the way of the future. If we continue to give back to our environment, we’ll have healthy, beautiful land that can help provide for us for years to come. We invite you to visit us on an agritour to see behind-the-scenes at Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch.