Agritourism in Florida is unique in that it works to combine two of the biggest industries in the state. This category encompasses many different activities and events, from wine nights with live music on a peaceful ranch to farm tours. Incorporating these events into your schedule, whether from a business or attendee perspective, helps you get involved in the community and support your local economy. In this blog from Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch, we’ll explore how you can add these offerings to your ranch or learn more about agriculture. To learn more ranching tips, visit our blog page

Examples of Agritourism

While we often think of farm tours as a prime example of agritourism, there are so many options and examples! These might include historical tours if you have an older site, ghost tours during the Halloween season, or even events with your animals (Goat yoga, anyone?). At our ranch, we’re excited to provide agritours where participants can see our beautiful property and wildlife and learn about the history of Florida agriculture.

Add to Your Business

Brainstorm ideas you can add onto your commercial agriculture venture. If you’re growing tomatoes, consider adding an agritourism event or business. This can be a secondary source of income, and you can use it to feature your already existing tomatoes. As long as the profits will outweigh the extra work it will take, it’s a no brainer.

Enrich Your Community

If you open a restaurant that features your freshly-grown tomatoes, or perhaps a winery alongside your livestock farm, you’re attracting a whole group of people that might not have ever been on a farm before. We can use this opportunity to educate them on the importance of small businesses in the community and show them the wonders of ranching in Central Florida. 

At Dark Hammock, we’re proud to offer premier event space, agritours, retreats, and hunting events. We’re excited to have our community visit our ranch, and maybe taste a little grass-fed beef while they’re here. Visit our website to learn more